Our field

NatX-ray is specialized in macromolecule crystallography.
The NatX-ray project originated in the high technological developments realized by an IBS team on the FIP-BM30A beamline at the ESRF (Grenoble, France).

Our goal

NatX-ray is dedicated to helping you speed up and improve your macromolecule structure resolution process.
Our goal is to provide crystallographers with the latest high throughput techniques developed especially for the Structural Genomics projects. NatX-ray can provide the equipments that implement these techniques, consummables, and can also offer a large panel of services that take advantage of these nes techniques.

Our activity

Today, NatX-ray builds totally integrated robot-based experimental systems for data collection (G-Rob 1D/2D, disributed by IRELEC), and can also provide all the related consumables you need.
We also offer specialized services related to the structure resolution process, through our network of high throughput facilities.