G-Rob 1D

G-Rob 1D consists in a robot-based system that ensures both the sample changer and the goniometer functions. In order to do that, G-Rob 1D is made of: (i) a Dewar (that can be automatically opened and filled) for sample storage; (ii) a 6-axis robotic arm (Sta�bli); (iii) a prehension tool (adjusted to the sample holders, at the SPINE standard for example, but other sample formats are also available), fitted on a tool changer that enables to move the sample from the Dewar onto the sample holder; and (iv) a sample holder fitted on a tool changer put on a specific tool holder.

Thanks to the precision and reproducibility of the robotic arm, the system is able to record diffraction images of the same quality as those obtained with a classical goniometer (see Jacquamet et al., Acta Cryst. 2004, D60:888-894). With such a system, a large number of elements necessary to an X-ray diffraction experiment, are reduced to one system.

G-Rob 1D

The G-Rob 1D system can be provided with a large number of accessories, such as:

dot matrix/bar code reader
a Dewar for storing samples
N2 cryo-stream for sample cooling
motorized beam-stop
see the catalogue for details.
The “1D” capability is also available as an upgrade for already installed G-Rob 2D systems.

G-Rob can also be provided by IRELEC as a complete system that includes a state-of-the-art X-ray source and a large detector

G-Rob 2D

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