Pichia pastoris HCP ELISA Kit, 2G

Description Our original Pichia pastoris HCP ELISA kit (F140) 2G has a broad reactivity to peptide epitopes and a small population of antibodies that recognize Pichia glycosylation epitopes. In cases where the recombinant protein product is also glycosylated, there is the potential for some cross-reactivity which may result in overestimation of true HCP or indeterminate […]


Click Chemistry for Imaging in-situ Protein Palmitoylation during the Asexual Stages of Plasmodium falciparum

Palmitoylation refers back to the modification of the cysteine thiols in proteins by fatty acids, mostly palmitic acid, by ‘thioester bond’ formation. In vivo, palmitoylation of proteins is catalyzed by palmitoyl acyltransferases (PATs or DHHC-PATs). Palmitoylation has just lately emerged as a vital post-translational modification in malarial parasites. The expression and exercise of palmitoyl transferases differ […]